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We empower people to live independently, safely and happily within their home.

Using discreet technology to monitor the patterns and behaviours of daily life, we give people and those involved in their care, the confidence to remain content and self-sufficient within their homes, regardless of their abilities, age or condition.

Lilli launch Visible and Valued program in line with National Care Week.

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The Future of Data Driven Social Care

Did you know the requirement of care for working-age adults is growing faster than any other age group in the UK?

This is why we have worked with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services to explore how the power of data and technology can be enhanced to provide better, preventive care for those that need it. To see the findings and find out more, register for a copy of our report here.

Download Launched 28 April 2021

Our platform monitors activities, learns and analyses behaviours to inform the carer of a person’s status and patterns.

This form of discreet technology enabled care, prevents conditions from becoming serious, reduces the number of hospital admissions, and improves the quality of life of those being monitored, helping them to remain safe and content in their homes for longer.


Choose the best devices and sensors to suit your requirements.


Use the data insights to support preventative care, identifying patterns and behaviours as a result of a change in condition before they become acute.


Independence, protection and freedom for those that need it.

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What if?

What if we could positively impact and extend the lives of millions of people?
What if people could get the help they need before they knew they needed it?
And what if we could dramatically relieve the pressures on the healthcare system?

Our discreet technology can replace the missing resources within the healthcare system and give people the confidence they need to remain happy and secure at home.

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The Independent Future Group

The IFG is a collection of pioneering or forward thinking Organisations, Authorities and Associations who recognise the changing needs within care provision and who are actively engaged with solving the care crisis within the UK. Together we collaborate to develop the data, insights and analysis from monitoring long term health conditions to help further the move from reactive to proactive care and secure the future of independent living for all.


Our objectives :

  • To increase the accessibility of non intrusive technology and ensure that it’s available to all those that need it.
  • To improve the outputs and quality of technology enabled care.
  • To support the stabilisation and sustainability of the social care system.
  • To provide social protection against rising care costs.

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