What if

we change the lives of millions of people?

we reduce the burden on the health and social care sector?

we remove the worry of caring for a vulnerable friend or loved one?

We are

the future of independent living

We empower vulnerable people to live independently, safely and happily within their own home.

We non intrusively monitor the patterns and behaviours of daily life, to identify soft signs and changes that might indicate a change in health condition. Allowing carers, loved ones and health practitioners to be better informed in how and when they need to support their VIP’s ( Vulnerable Independent People). We call this a proactive care model.

Proactive Care

4 Key outcomes of providing a proactive care model


Help health and social care providers more efficiently manage resources


Identify accurate care packages and improve care outcomes


Giving peace of mind to loved ones and carers


Helping vulnerable people to live safely and independently

How it works

Living with Lilli

Starting with Social Care

Our report breaks down the impact of tackling the issues in social care first in order to positively impact the whole ICS system, through the use of proactive technology solutions including remote monitoring.

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Winter Care Fund

This winter, we have launched a Winter Care fund to support Local Authorities and organisations in identifying people at risk and reducing the risk to life due to issues such as plummeting temperatures. Lilli will match fund any organisation that wishes to tackle problems using a proactive digital solution, before people become at risk, allowing them to live more independently.

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What If

everyone who needed it could readily access proactive care?

We founded the IFG (Independent Future Group) to be able to do just this. Our aim is to make our technology accessible to everyone who needs it regardless of their age, vulnerability or financial situation.

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It’s simple

Our platform is built with you in mind – it’s easy to use and works on any device so you have all the latest information, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

You can also choose the right type of in-home sensors suited to individual requirements, giving you all the information you need to deliver the best care, right at your fingertips.

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