About Us


We empower people to live independently, safely and happily within their home.

We are pioneering the use of proactive technology across the health and care sector which is in dire need of more support and enhancement through the positive change that the right technology and approach can bring.


Central and local governments alone will not solve the issues surrounding the resource deficit facing health and social care systems around the world.

Only through the adoption of proactive smart technology can the pressures faced by healthcare services/providers be relieved and the lives of those most vulnerable be better supported.

We believe that regardless of a person’s medical condition, ability or age, everyone has the right to maintain their own independence. And every day we get out of bed and focus on how we can make this happen.


We have BIG Ideas and BIG aspirations to be the go-to technology provider of choice in the home care sector across the World.

We want to leave people feeling; Independent, empowered, happy, safe and informed – this applies to everyone who comes into contact with our business, either as a customer, user, teammate or supplier.