Our Team

Who we are

We’re a growing team of talented individuals who share a clear vision and a strong passion for our mission to create an innovative technology solution that will transform the health and social care system.

We’re inspired by our aim to help better support vulnerable people and give them more choice, independence and freedom in the way they live their lives.

Team Lilli is made up of purpose driven big brains who love a challenge and who are not afraid to get stuck in (albeit only sometimes after they can see the way on a spreadsheet).

We’ve got high flyers, game changers and steady ships who all work cohesively together to keep Lilli as the driving force in its sector.

Our teammates are a diverse mix of engineers, designers, branders and business developers, analysts, strategists, scientists, administrators, finance whizzes, talent hunters and medics who all have an appetite for success and a passion for our purpose.

The Others

Gren Paull

Chief Executive Officer

Gren is an experienced operational leader with a track record of building fast growing businesses. He is passionate about building enduring healthy businesses and believes in the difference Lilli can make in the health tech sector. He steers the Lilli ship and keeps us all on course and topped up with good cheer and crisps

Nick Weston

Chief Commercial Officer

Nick has been at the forefront of driving revenue across a broad spectrum of industries and companies for over two decades. At Lilli he is focussed on driving partnerships and alliances to support our growth and mission. He’s the self proclaimed face of Lilli and is the beating heart of our team culture motivating and corralling the whole team and keeping the momentum going.

Kelly Hudson

Chief Strategy Officer

Kelly is a veteran business strategist with a career spanning more than two decades working for international clients across an array of industries from Silicon Valley start-ups to large UK public companies. She is passionate about the impact that Lilli can have on health systems across the globe and is the driving force of Lilli’s Purpose led business model.

Russ Anderson

Chief Information Officer

Russ co-founded Kemuri in 2014, which then went on to become Lilli in 2021, and has managed the infrastructure technology development for the data analytics, web apps and administrative processes. He is a web architect, innovator and experienced graphic designer. Think mad inventor meets the matrix – there’s not much he can’t put his hand to.

Sameer Vartek

Chief Technology Officer

Sameer is our resident tech wizard and leads our team of engineering and design experts to bring Lilli to life. Having successfully helped grow numerous innovative technology companies, he puts users at the heart of our platform ensuring Lilli can give them the best possible experience.

Work with us

We have big ambitions. We want to revolutionise the social care sector, and we need great people to help us make that happen.

If you think you would fit in with Lilli and our mission, why not find out more about working with us.

Work with us

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We are always happy to hear from like minded individuals, so if you think it’s worth us catching up for a chat then get in contact.

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