Proactive Care Fund remote monitoring technology funding

The Proactive Care Fund facilitates access to over £1 million of funding in order to support organisations to procure and roll out remote monitoring solutions at speed.

The Fund was set up to answer some of the major challenges facing the health and social care sector and to support organisations to take advantage of the significant efficiencies, savings and improved health outcomes available through technology.

The objective of the funding is to enable the participants to develop and implement leading-edge remote monitoring technology to support their existing pathways and staff to achieve better health outcomes for population health and reduce the pressure on the health and care ecosystem.

The funding will help to develop the integration of more proactive approaches to care. It aims to enable care workers to work more efficiently, ultimately saving time, increasing capacity and generating savings through more accurate packages of care.

Following a successful first roll-out in August 2023 with contracts awarded to ICBs and Councils in England, Lilli is relaunching the fund in 2024 so more organisations can benefit.

Submission deadline – 29th March for contract by 1st May


Which areas will benefit from Lilli?

Applications will be open to those seeking to use the technology across the following areas:

  • Virtual wards
  • Short and long-term Care Assessments
  • D2A
  • Social care Front door
  • Speeding up discharge from hospital to intermediate facilities and to home
  • Falls prevention

  • Frailty
  • Extra care and supported living
  • Reablement
  • Correct sizing of care packages
  • Increasing capacity in care package availability
  • Improving staff efficiency

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