The future of independent living

How proactive technology can enable people to live the lives they want to lead for longer.

The report in partnership with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) explores the barriers to the adoption of technology in the sector, and provides solutions to those blockers, while also examining the data and evidence on how technology can have a positive impact on individuals and the entire health and social care ecosystem.

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Where do you start when looking to implement new remote monitoring technology?

Following the success of the webinar “Implementing an outcomes-based solution – how to get started,” we have launched a handbook packed with helpful insights to support you on your way to a digital transformation.

With top tips on how to approach some of the most common barriers you may come across, from assessing solutions to gaining buy-in, the handbook will help anyone looking to start their journey to realise the benefits of remote monitoring in health and social care.

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How does fall prevention positively impact the system?

Crisis and incident prevention can bring organisations, individuals, and the entire health and care ecosystem a reduction of costs, time, and resources.

The e-book dives deeper into defining the impact crisis and incident prevention can have on the health and care system, and explores the benefits data-driven solutions can have at both individual and organisational levels.

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Evidencing the success of remote monitoring

Delivering savings and supporting evidence-based decision-making in social care

What are the numbers and statistics behind remote monitoring technology helping organisations save in time, money, and resources?

Following our recent webinar uncovering the evidence behind how much time, cost, and resources can be saved using remote monitoring technology, we have created an e-handbook collating data and statistics showcasing the savings Lilli’s remote monitoring technology can help with. From pilots’ data to case studies, we dive into the experience and results following deploying remote monitoring technology and its success.

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Breaking through the gridlock

How adult social care tech can have a whole-system impact

Evidence is building to show the impact that monitoring technology can have on the wider health and social care ecosystem – but exactly how impactful is it?

In this report, created in partnership with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), we explore the system-wide ripple effect technology has – from tackling blockages across health and social care, to improving patients’ lifestyles and decreasing risks of health decline. Read more in the report here.

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Starting with Social Care

how to have a whole system impact

How do we break the cycle of pressure on hospitals, increased pressure on social care, and pressure on vulnerable people?

Following our recent webinar exploring how deploying technology solutions in social care can positively impact the entire healthcare system, the report covers urgent themes and questions – from discharge to assess issues to an ageing population resulting in 1000s of patients stuck in hospital beds, it’s essential we consider how we can deploy technology earlier into the social care system to relieve pressure from all angles.

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How can we better support the hospital to home transition?

Use remote monitoring tech to achieve the best health outcomes

Learn how proactive, discreet technology can be used in hospital ‘discharge to assess’ pathways to support patients to recover safely at home and ease pressure on health and social care staff.

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Digital transformation in social care

How to get it right

One of the key current challenges identified by leaders within the social care sector is how can they successfully implement digital technology to optimise outcomes?

This is why we have partnered with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) to explore the solutions around how technology and digital innovation can be best implemented to help alleviate the pressure on the health and care system. To see the outcomes, insights and recommendations from ADASS and leaders in the sector, download the report.

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The Future of

Data driven social care

Did you know the requirement of care for working-age adults is growing faster than any other age group in the UK?

This is why we have worked with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services to explore how the power of data and technology can be enhanced to provide better, preventive care for those that need it. To see the findings and find out more, register for a copy of our report here.

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