Remote Monitoring

How it


Our software non intrusively monitors the behaviour of vulnerable people within their homes.

By observing the patterns and trends of everyday life we can help health and social care providers identify when abnormalities occur that may indicate a change in condition.

By identifying small soft signs, lilli can allow carers to act before a decline in health or problem worsens.

How Lilli helps


Connect a home and proactively monitor the patterns and trends of home life.


Protect the time, resources and peace of mind of those responsible for care.


Create a safe and unimpeded home environment.

Who will benefit by choosing Lilli?

Care Practitioners

  • Increased visibility and accuracy for care packages
  • Quick and easy reports
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Improved care outcomes
  • Time and cost reductions
  • Easy to use app and dashboard
  • Hassle-free install and setup

Lilli User

  • Provides option to remain at home for longer
  • Increased sense of security and wellbeing
  • Maintaining dignity and independence
  • Proactive monitoring of health conditions
  • Prevention of hospital admissions

Friends and Family

  • Peace of mind
  • Real time understanding of loved ones status and needs
  • Settings for notifications and alerts if required
  • More efficient care provision



Lilli uses a set of discrete sensors that monitor the behaviours and activities of daily life such as motion, eating and hydration habits, and bathroom visits.

By detecting a change in the habit surrounding these behaviours, health practitioners can identify health issues before they arise to enable early intervention and prevent health decline.

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Managing care 4 ways to help you better manage care needs proactively

Personalised reporting

Instant access to personalised reports for each individual with actionable insight so care professionals can spend less time analysing data or filling out paperwork and focus on delivering quality care.

Get alerts in real time

The Lilli platform learns the patterns of daily life and spots changes in behaviours, triggering an alert if someone might be at risk, so a carer or family member can react in real-time.

Simplifying care assessments

We know how valuable your time is so Lilli reduces the need for more traditional forms of care assessments by providing detailed, comprehensive and easy to understand on-demand reports, allowing you to easily make the right decisions on care needs.

Spotting warning signs

Our machine learning algorithm identifies behavioral warning signs or risk factors early on to help spot issues before they become more serious, enabling early intervention that can reduce additional medical care needs or hospital admission.

Moving from a reactive to a

care model

Our overstretched social care system is currently centred around an out-dated reactionary alarm based approach that only identifies issues after they occur.

Lilli’s revolutionary proactive care model helps care providers identify behaviours that may indicate issues before they arise so the right kind of care response can be given exactly when it’s needed.

By care providers acting sooner, early intervention can help prevent health decline and give vulnerable people the freedom to live safely and independently in their own homes.

Working with you
to find the

right solution

At Lilli we are all about collaboration.

We have built our platform by working closely with those working in care so we understand the challenges you may face and can work with you to help solve them.

Our free tailor made workshops are designed to identify the challenges you are up against and explore how Lilli can help you improve your care resourcing, deliver better care outcomes and ultimately help provide more independence for those you care for.

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