Visible & Valued

Making better lives happen

On 07 June 2021 as part of National Care Week we launch our own Visible and Valued program.

We seek to amplify the visibility of carers and highlight how important they are in making better lives happen and how valuable they are to society.

We want to feature the great work undertaken by both formal and informal carers and champion their incredible efforts and talents. We are calling for nominations for carers whose actions should be made visible and should be celebrated.

At Lilli we believe in Accessibility for All and we want to get our smart technology into the hands of those who will benefit from it the most.

We will enter all nominations in to a draw.

Nominate Your V&V Care Champion

How it works

Submit your nomination and we will highlight the cause of your nominee.

All nominees are entered into a draw.

  • Nominate your Care Champion


  • Nominee

  • Submission

  • Outline why you think the role of this carer should be made more visible.* (Highlight in no more than 150 words, how important the role is and how it benefits those being cared for)

  • Outline why you think the person you are nominating is so valued.* (Highlight in no more than 200 words, why the person you are nominating plays such a valuable role in society and the lives of those that they care for)

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