Lilli ranked 30th Best Workplace UK 2023

05th May 2023
Lilli ranked 30th Best Workplace UK 2023

We have recently been ranked as the 30th Best Workplaces in the UK 2023 by Great Places to Work UK.

Being a ‘Best Workplace UK 2023’ is such a fantastic achievement by everyone at Team Lilli and a great attestation to the culture we have built at Lilli which focuses on a healthy work-life balance and appreciating the incredible individuals we have at Lilli, building and maintaining a work environment that promotes a fully inclusive culture.

Alongside this big win, we have also received our Great Places to Work UK accreditation for a second year, recognising Lilli as an employer who has created a brilliant employee experience, emphasising the importance and strength of our mission, purpose, and values.

Celebrating this achievement also comes with the acknowledgement that it wouldn’t have been possible without the collective effort of each member of Team Lilli. Each and every team member contributes to the strong culture we have cultivated at the company – and this is emphasised by the results of the Great Places to Work survey all of Team Lilli took, 100% of who agreed that Lilli is a “great place to work,” truly reinforcing that.

In light of this encouraging win, we went straight to the source and asked our Lilli teammates why they believe Lilli is such a great place to work, and what makes it so unique.

Lilli teammates group work photo at a quarterly meeting

What Team Lilli thinks about working at the 30th Best Place to Work UK

The Culture

Building a healthy and happy work culture is at the heart of any business’ success. Without satisfaction in the workplace, every aspect of a job can ache. 

“The best parts about working for Lilli are the culture and people. There’s a sense of respect, appreciation and support throughout the business that, in my experience, is unparalleled. This allows the creativity, learning and uniqueness of all of our teammates to be celebrated and developed and makes the work achieved even more meaningful.
– Beth Quayle

“The mindset and humanity here are like no other job I’ve had before – everyone is so compassionate and understanding, both for the job itself and towards each other as teammates.”
– Anonymous Lilli Teammate


The mission

Having a purpose is also a crucial aspect of any workplace and its success. At Lilli, we are committed to transforming the health and social care industry, and we find like-minded people who are also passionate about making a positive change. With this, we are more motivated than ever to continue creating an exceptional workplace that supports our team members in their professional and personal growth, all the while working towards the same mission and vision of improving the world care and independent living.

“There are two main ingredients that make working in Lilli so nice: the culture and the mission. The culture is such that encourages us to collaborate without stifling any one’s voice; when the people are motivated, engaged and given autonomy, it makes day to day activities satisfying. The mission provides us with the opportunity to make a tangible change for the better in people’s lives, and there’s no motivation better than that.”
– Eugene Lukianchuk

“There’s a strong and shared commitment to improving the lives of the people looked after by our customers. As a consequence, all of us strive to create a great customer experience in which human values play a prominent role, despite technology being central to the product we develop.”
– Anonymous Lilli Teammate


Encouraging growth

Lilli, alongside being a company with a strong mission, a fantastic team and enjoyable culture, is also a place for professional growth. With the company’s dynamic, fast pace, and quick and continuous growth, it’s a great place for personal and professional growth. The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas and their execution, our team clearly recognises that.

“Working at Lilli is an exceptional experience due to the emphasis on cultivating new ideas and promoting professional and personal growth.”
– Esther Ajiboye


Strong Support

For most workplaces, it’s the people who make the job. With a supportive team and management, even the most difficult tasks can be conquered, providing the reassurance that everything is, in fact, possible and support is always there. This is yet another symptom of a great place to work.

“There is an energy and camaraderie, unlike any place I have ever worked. The support from the management and exec team is paramount and I can see this across the entire team.”
– Anonymous Lilli Teammate

“I like the way that everyone can be themselves here, there is a feeling of honesty and sincerity between teammates and management which is very supportive and allows me to be myself which I appreciate massively.”
– Anonymous Lilli Teammate


A big thank you to Great Places to Work UK for holding this initiative, and raising the importance of building organisations based on strong and healthy working culture and trust. You can see the full rankings of the UK’s Best Workplaces 2023 here

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